Inlaks Budharani Hospital Blood Bank(Anand Billore, Ayush Billore)

We have donated plasma the previous Saturday, sharing our findings and experience of plasma donation. The points discussed below might help clear doubts and resolve the paranoia related to plasma donation.

It is like blood donation, however in the same, plasma gets separated from the blood and the remaining blood will be transferred back to your body resulting in zero blood loss. The procedure is completely harmless and a well-hydrated donor does not experience any pain, sickness, or dizziness.

Plasma therapy can be very effective for moderate to severe patients. A few doctors suggest using plasma therapy as a supportive…

Rails is a developer-friendly web application framework that enables developers to do more with less code, but it isn’t always clear exactly what’s going on under the covers. One area where I’ve had a hard time was understanding how Rails parses the Request query parameters and the Form variables.

Query parameters are an optional set of key-value pairs that appear after the question mark in the URL. For example, name=contra is a query parameter in

When we submit a form on the web, the form sends data to the server as form variables. …

Dead code is code that is never executed. It can be a commented out block of code, a method that’s no longer called, or an unreachable return statement. It often reflects functionality that no longer exists. Dead code has absolutely no upside and it costs us money, time, and maintenance headaches.

It’s possible to identify the unused block of code in smaller projects. But in larger projects, it is not as straightforward. It is a delicate process and requires absolute surety of the deadness status to avoid any unexpected breakdowns. A few tools are present that can aid us in…

Writing unit tests is more of an art than a skill, and understanding what to test for comes with experience and/or mistakes. We look for the percentage of test coverage for examining the health of an application. However, the “coverage percentage” might be misused or overlooked. In particular, it falls victim to Goodhart’s law, which says: “When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure”.

Whenever we start writing test cases for the sake of improving the code coverage, we miss the whole point of testing and rather introduce Tautological Tests — poorly designed tests written…

Ayush Billore

Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the HRTech and EdTech industry. Skilled in Ruby, RubyonRails and MongoDB.

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